Saturday, 27 May 2017




1.       Election of Chairman
Richard Green was proposed as Chairman by David Banks.  This was seconded by Simon Lealman.  Richard accepted nomination and, there being no other proposals, was unanimously elected.

2.       Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
Richard Green (Chairman) welcomed Cllrs. Andy Dorman, David Banks, Jessie Garnett, and Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles.
3.       Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the March meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

4.       Matters Arising
a) A64 junctions
Some minor repairs at Low Lane end were carried out by Highways England shortly after Richard had contacted Kevin Hollinrake, MP and Clare Wood, NYCC councillor.  Richard will follow up to ascertain whether any progress has been made regarding responsibility for maintenance on the disputed stretches.
b) Swing Bridge maintenance
Work has been completed to a high standard and in a timely manner.  Richard will thank NYCC Highways.
c) Potholes at The Rise and elsewhere
Jem will thank NYCC Highways for the work carried out following the Council’s recent request.
Some holes were not filled and others have since developed.  Councillors will notify Jem of those they now consider meet the criteria for action.  Jem will then send a list to NYCC Highways.
e) Mobile Post Office
Jem has had lengthy correspondence with the many parties involved in supplying the broadband connection.  He has also been in communication with Kevin Hollinrake, MP.  No further action by the Council was felt worthwhile, at this stage.  Jem will keep Councillors informed of any developments.
f)  Rubbish in pull-in at Low Lane end
Ryedale DC had responded quickly to the request and the rubbish removed.

5.       New Matters
a) Pensions Regulator
Jem reported that the Council has complied with new legislation.

6.       Planning
a) Hydramotion
Still awaiting determination
b) Barn West of Village Green
Approved, though the Council was not sent notification.
Jem reported concern that work on site had started despite one of the conditions of approval.  Jem will contact RDC for clarification.
c) Unit 7 Malton Enterprise Park
Awaiting determination

7.       Finance
a) End of year accounts
b) Financial Governance Statement 2015/16
Approved and duly signed.
c) Accounting Statement 2015/16
Approved and duly signed.
c) Budget progress
    The report to 30th April was considered to show that the position was satisfactory.

8.       Any Other Business
a) Net covers for kerbside recycling boxes
Jem will publicise the availability of covers which will reduce street litter on windy collection days.  Jem will also contact RDC environmental services to see whether the Council might act as their agent for distribution, to reduce the number of journeys to Ryedale House.

9.       Date of Next meeting(s)
Tuesday 11th July and, provisionally, 12th of September 2017 at 7.30.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Richard Green, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

© 2017

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